Cloud Network Firewall 2021

Cloud Network Firewall Methodology

Firewalls have undergone several stages of development, and now cloud-based deployments are common for enterprises.

Cloud hosting (infrastructure as a service) provides a scalable, agile solution without the headaches that come with owning the hardware.

What Will be Tested?

CyberRatings tests are designed to address the challenges faced by enterprise security and IT professionals in selecting and managing security products. Products must be provided in a form factor suitable for cloud deployments and provide network services (NAT, DHCP, routing, firewall).

The following capabilities are considered essential in a cloud network firewall:

  • Routing and network segmentation
  • Access control
  • SSL/TLS encrypted traffic
  • Exploit threat prevention
  • Resistance to evasions
  • Stability and reliability
  • Event logging and notification
  • NAT

Inclusion Criteria

All leading cloud network firewall suppliers to submit their product at no cost. Products with significant market share, as well as challengers with innovative technology, will be included at the discretion of CyberRatings.

CyberRatings determines inclusion of a vendor in a group test based on an analysis of the market and an understanding of the criteria important to consumers. Elements considered are:

  • Market presence
  • Identification by industry analysts covering the specific technology area
  • Consumer requests
  • Innovative technology/offering or bold marketing claims that receive significant market attention (requires internal vetting for emerging vendors)


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